Nike Vaporwing Elite R

Nike Vaporwing Elite R Sunglasses fuse the newest advances in lens materials with aerodynamic angles making them streamlined for speed. The lightweight design provides an additional coverage and sharp, clear vision in all conditions. 

These were made for the runners who always give 110%. The weightless and clarity of the lens is designed to make you forget your are wearing them allowing you to completely concentrate on your athletic performance with zero distractions.

At Eyekit we know sports eyewear is all about protection and performance. Zeiss and Nike spent over 2 years to create this final product. The goal was to make Nike Vision the innovative leader in eyewear in the same way that Nike is the global leader in performance footwear and apparel.

Nike Vaporwing Elite R 001

Zeiss Optics went back to basics creating their own moulds so they would be as close to optical perfection as possible. This mould was first designed, created then polished using the same diamond cutting technology used to polish ultra-precise optical surfaces. This ensures as little blurring as possible by removing all flaws on the mould.

(FYI diamond cutting technology is how your Eyekit ‘High Performance’ prescription lenses are created)

Nike Vaporwing Elite R 100

  • Nike + Zeiss Optics provide extraordinary clarity and perception
  • Ventilated, with easy self –adjusting nose bridge ensuring you get the right fit for you.
  • Super-lightweight, aerodynamic combined lens-frame reduces wind resistance keeping you on track to get the most out of your performance.
  • Rubber channels in temple arms increase airflow and grip to the side of your head to help avoid movement.
  • Ventilated temple arms prevent fogging and moisture accumulation.
  • Nike Flying Lens reduces fogging by allowing air to circulate around the lens.
  • Flash mirror coating to help to reduce glare.
  • Available in 2 Colours