Transitions GEN 8
The Next Generation is Finally Here

Transitions have been our tried and tested go to photochromic on the market for decades and as with all brilliant lens technicians at Transitions they keep upping the ante. Transitions Signature Gen 8 is no different. Better sight, comfort and protection and only £20 extra than the other transitions lenses; here’s all the reason you should switch up to Gen 8:

Fully Clear Indoors 

Gen 8 is a blend of transitions VII and Transitions Xtractive. Fully clear indoors and even darker outside. 

With a CAT range of 0-3 you can wear these for almost any weather conditions you may encounter. 

Fast fade back 

Although people love there photochromic lenses, the number one complaint is the time it takes to get fully dark lenses back to clear. The New Gen 8 is 3 minutes faster than transition VII. To return to clear from its darkest category (Cat.) it takes app. 5 minutes. 

What this means for you is on the brightest day (with your lenses at their darkest) once you are off your bike and into the office, by the time you reach your floor, your glasses will be nearly clear and you are now ready to make your coffee and start your day. 

Fade back is also not as temperature depend. In warmer conditions the transitions lenses would take longer to go from dark to light and light to dark. This is now a more consistent experience in all weathers.

30% Faster to darken 

The New Gen 8 lenses darken to reach their full cat. (the darkest they will go) in less than 40 seconds.  This is 30% faster than Transitions Signature VII.

Blue Light Protection 

Gen 8 is now here to sort out all your first world problems…well sort of. We are all becoming more and more health conscious from eating kale to brown rice to worrying about modern technology and the issue with blue light emitted from our phones, computer screen and lights etc. 

The juries out on how much damage it really causes to our eyes and skin as the technologies not been around long enough to do life long user studies. However, just in case, Gen 8 adds a blue light filter to help boost your blue light protection indoors.

New Colours

You will still be able to get Grey, Brown and Green but two more exciting colours have been added Sapphire & Amethyst so theres now a colour for every personality.

Although you cannot pick the new colours on our website in the prescription section, if you wish for either sapphire or amethyst, just click grey or brown and put note later on in the comments sections when you are adding your prescription about which colour you would like.

Choices, Choices

This is available on all our lens materials (excluding Vista Mesh) so the choice is yours. Whether you want a standard CR39 1.5 index pair for the office or an impact resistant polycarbonate or NXT pair for the bike, we have you covered. It is also available in Single vision, Bifocal and Varifocal, so decisions decisions.

How to order :

Pick and choose your frame as usual clicking add to basket to take you to the step 1 of adding your prescription packages. Follow the 3 step process. 


Pick whether you want single vision, bifocal or varifocal,

Choose your lens material (excluding Vista Mesh)

Choose your lens quality (it may be easier to click 'Not sure, show all' here so you can see the difference between them when you choose your prescription package)

Choose photochromic (this is the most important button to press) in the sections entitled do you need clear or tinted lenses?


In step 2, pick your prescription package for Gen 8. Pick a prescription package that ends in Transitions ie Thin and Lite High Performance - Clear Transitions 


When you arrive at step 3 you will have the option to choose your coatings (we always recommend clear for in the office or crystal clear if you are using them outdoors…this is an absolute must in our eyes)

Then choose from the following lens tints - Grey, Brown and Green. As mentioned above, if you wish to choose one of the new lens colours just click grey or brown and put note later on in the comments sections when you are adding your prescription about which colour you would like.

Next under how dark do you need the tint click NEW: Transitions GEN 8 as shown below  

Once you have added your prescription and ordered your Gen 8 frame and lenses you can now sit back and relax.