Have you tried Progear's Anti-Fog gel? It's NOW The Guardian's Top Recommended Anti-Fog Solution.

The Guardian Recommended Anti-fog Gel Perfect for Glasses Wearers with Masks

This Anti-Fog Gel has been around for a long time we have mentioned it several times here on this blog. This Progear Anti-Fog Gel more commonly used for sports eyewear users has found a whole new group of people to be helpful to during this global pandemic.

Its a wipe on, wipe off solution so it will work until you wipe them off when you clean your glasses.

This Progear Anti-Fog Gel is great for glasses wearers unlike some other anti-fog gels/ sprays it will also protect your glasses AR or anti-reflective coating on your lenses. (Some anti-fog gels and sprays can damage your lens coating/

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