Choosing eyewear for any sport can seem like an insurmountable task. On the face of it, you are just choosing a pair of sunglasses, however, once you scratch the surfaces there are so many things to consider. Many styles of sunglasses have different key features, tinted lens options and light transmission factors optimised for certain environmental conditions and use. So to help you select the best sunglasses for you we have listed below our Top 5 key features (with a couple of top tips) for cycling to help narrow down your choices.


If you are going to wear a pair of sunglasses for sport then you should consider an impact resistant frame and lenses material. This means plastic frames and either POLYCARBONATE or NXT/Trivex lenses.

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Cycling is no exception for this. Anything can happen on a bike from stones hitting you from passing cars to you falling off you bike. Most of our Sports Brands or Sunglasses for Sport will have polycarbonate lenses but you should always check in the description below for the lens material as well as a list of key features.


Having the best vision possible while cycling or mountain biking is crucial for your safety and performance. Seeing ahead and being aware of your environment, identifying hazards early while traveling at speed and maintaining your balance in different weather conditions can be affected by the type of sunglasses you wear . 

So a good start is to make sure your sunglasses give you the widest field of vision possible. The easy way to achieve this is with a 6/8 based wrap frame. A wrap frame not only grips your head better than other frames but also give you the added bonus of helping protect your eyes from wind, debris and other elements helping to maximise your performance while providing an extra wide field of vision.


As most cycling takes place outside, it is crucial that you protect your eyes from UV radiation. Make sure all of your sunglasses are UV protected. (All sunglasses at Eyekit are authentic and are both UVA/B protected). Mirror coatings are always great for anyone who suffers from glare or are light sensitive and brown contrast tints tend to help lighten and sharpen up your vision.

TIP It might be worth checking out our lenses category information to find the right category for you and our tint information to find the right tint for you.


As we all know, when on your bicycle your head is constantly moving, looking at your gears, direction, landscape, maps… and when your sunglasses slide down your nose, the constant action of pushing them back up can be very frustrating. Anti-slip nose pads and temples provide the extra stick you need to help your sunglasses stay in one position for the entire ride allowing you to enjoy the view or maintain your concentration while racing. 


Adjustable nose pads enables you to adjust the hight of the frame to suite you and also provide extra grip. Height adjustment is particularly beneficial for cyclists as you can lift your frame higher over your eyes when bent forward over your bike ensuring your eyes are fully protected. They also help with fogging and air flow around the lens. 

Eyekit's Top Tip

Look out for wrap sunglasses that include a range of interchangeable lenses or a photochromic lens that enables you to use them in all weather conditions. i.e a clear or light yellow lens for overcast days, Amber or brown tint for cloudy/semi-sunny days and a grey or dark brown tint for sunny days. Photochromic lenses, though the most expensive are the best option as they adjust to the light conditions throughout your day without you needing to stop and switch your lenses.

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