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Wiley X Sports Protective Glasses Crush - Available with Prescription

The Wiley X Crush sports eyewear is a full-rim frame and available in five stunning variants with flashing contrasting colours at the nose piece and temples. 

Frame Key Features

  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece - Ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage.
  • Anti-Slip Temples - Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.
  • SAS (Shock Absorption System) - The frame is made from a revolutionary process that combines hard and soft materials that maximises impact absorption and durability. 
  • Removable Retaining Strap - Provides greater comfort and security in adventure and impact sports.
  • Goggle Strap included - Temple arms can be quickly removed and goggle strap inserted when required.
  • Carrying Case - Includes a hard case and microfiber cloth.

Lens Key Features

  • Lens Material – Polycarbonate. They are light yet offer good shock resistance. Great for sport and general purpose wear.
  • Lens category – Cat. 0. These clear lenses which deliver maximum light transmission are ideal for use indoors, as industrial eyewear at work or for sporting activities such as cycling in dull days. 
  • Scratch Resistant Coating - Protects the lens from abrasion.
  • Lens Curvature – 6 base. Improves awareness and offers good periphery vision.
  • 100% UV Protection - Protects your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  • Clear Lens - Blocks wind, sand and flying objects.

Safety Features:

  • US ANSI Test Approved - All Wiley X glasses are ANSI approved. ANSI is the US test, which is compatible to the European EN.166 test which meets the standards for Badminton, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Racquetball, Rugby, Squash, and Tennis. These tests allow you to call your glasses safety eyewear. It shows that Wiley X not only make exceptionally well designed sunglasses, but ensures there is built in safety in the models. 

Prescription Packages

These Wiley X sports sunglasses were designed to take most prescriptions that will fit directly into the frame. If required click on ‘Add to basket' icon with the ‘Add prescription’ option selected and select the prescription package you need. Once selected, your prescription will be incorporated into your selected eyewear. Run by qualified opticians, and as part of our customer care process, all eyewear are tested by Eyekit to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.

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