Ocusoft - OcuShield- Blue Block Screen Protectors- iPad Mini

Blue Block Screen Protectors- for iPad 2/3

Addicted to your smartphone, tablet or computer? Worried about LED’s? Concerned about the dangers of high energy blue light?
Are you constantly on your laptop and every other minute checking your phone or tablet? Not only that but do you sit inside under artificial light?

We all know that light can be both harmful and beneficial for our vision as well as our overall health. Since the technological revolution we now live in a digital age where we not only depend on technology but use it constantly. However, this doesn't come without its problems for more information on the issues high energy blue light can cause click here.

Luckily for you there are prevention methods you can use to make sure your eyesight lasts you a life time. For those of you with prescriptions who need/ want a new pair of glasses you can have blue block as part of a prescirption package on any of our glasses.

Who needs a Blue Block Screen Protector?

  • Contact Lens Wearers- Since contact lenses haven't been developed with a blue block your eyes will not be protected against high energy blue light emitted by your phone or computer etc
  • Don't have Blue Block in your prescription glasses but don't want/ need to change your prescription
  • People Who Don't Wear Glasses

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