Gill Sports Floatable Sunglasses Racing II

If you have ever lost your sunglasses over the side and watched them sink quickly out of sight, you will appreciate Gill's floatable sunglasses.

Frame Key Features

  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece - Ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage.
  • Anti-Slip Temples - Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.
  • Frame Venting System - Air holes in the frame will direct air currents towards the face to prevent fogging.
  • Floatable Frames - Will float on water.
  • Retaining Strap - Provides greater comfort and security in adventure and impact sports.
  • Wrapped temples – Ergonomic profile for better fit on face or head.
  • Carrying Case - Includes a draw string microfiber bag.

Lens Key Features

  • Lens Material – Polycarbonate. They are light yet offer good shock resistance. Great for sport and general purpose wear.
  • Lens filter – Polarized. Eliminates glare from water or road surfaces ensuring purity of vision.
  • Lens categoryCat. 3. With a visible light transmission of 15%, they are ideal for sunny environments.
  • Hydrophobic Coating - Similar to a wax coating on a car, it helps to shed water droplets and grease marks keeping your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer.
  • Scratch Resistant coating - Protects the lens from abrasion.
  • Oil and Water Repellent Coating – Has oleophobic properties, which prevents finger or grease marks and makes cleaning easier
  • Grey Tint - Faithful colour reproduction.

Safety Features

  • Optical Class 1 with 100% UV Protection - Protection from UVA, B and C rays.

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About the Brand- Gill Prescriptions glasses and sunglasses men and womenGill Sunglasses

Gill sports fashion prescription glasses and sunglasses logoGill has been established since 1980 and is known for making ultra technical marine clothing. There focus is solely on providing products for sailing.

Gill Sunglasses

Frame Technology

Frames are manufactured from Grilamid TR90 a light, tough and flexible cutting edge material. All Gill Sailing Sunglasses are engineered to float.

Lens Technology

Gill's lenses are made by Polariod. Though most tinted lenses will provide some absorption to dampen brightness, only a polarized lens can effectively eliminate blinding glare. See our section on Polarizing Lenses in the information section of our site for more details about the benefits of Polaroid lenses in particular sports.

About the Brand Lens Technology- Gill Prescription sunglasses for water sports for  men and womenPolaroid's polarizing lenses are made up of nine functional elements ultra-carefully bonded together to achieve a high-performance optical product: The main element of the sandwich lens construction is the polarizing light filter in the centre. Laminated to both sides of the filter are UV light absorbers, which block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. Optically corrected, shatter-resistant cushion elements are laminated to both sides of the UV absorbers, followed by a unique scratchproof coating applied to the outer surfaces.