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adidas sports prescription sunglasses brand logoAdidas is one the most recognised sporting brands in the world today. Whether it is the 3 Stripes or the Trefoil, the brand is well known to most people as a leading company in the athletic sportswear. Its is not just associated with sportswear alone and has developed many fashion brands including its range of eyewear.

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 Adidas describe themselves through their brand values and have selected six words that capture the essence of the adidas Brand. Okay, there is no mention of sport, or fashion, or trends, or performance. However, within each of the Values there is an implied connection to these other things.

  •  Authentic: adidas is the first genuine sports brand. They were founded by a true athlete whose one guiding principle was to make equipment that makes athletes better. This is what made Adi Dassler Authentic then, this is what makes them authentic today.
  • Passionate: Passion is at the heart of sport and of every true athlete. Passion knows know borders, no age, no race and not time. Passion is what drives athletes to succeed and is what drove Adi Dassler to make his first pair of athletic shoes in 1920. It is this same passion that will always guide adidas.
  • Innovative: There is continuous innovation in every area of their business – from product technologies that help athletes perform better to communications that help athletes understand the adidas brand and their products. 
  • Inspirational: Being inspirational helps build and maintain relationships with the athletes they support. It is their emotional connection to their heritage, their athletes and to sport that inspires them to create products and communications that, in turn, inspire others.
  • Committed: Their commitment to their athletes and sport is uncompromising, unwavering and forever. They will continue to sponsor, advise, listen to and support athletes with the same resolve as Adi Dassler.
  • Honest: At all times and in all relationships, adidas is genuine, ethical and fair.

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